SVIMS Royal Roads Foray 2023

On February 15, 2023, SVIMS members had their annual spring foray at Royal Roads. Paul Kroeger, the speaker from the evening before, was the guest leader.

Results from the foray were recorded in iNaturalist. You can see the observations here.

About 30 species were identified at the foray. Lots of Nolanea, Galerina, Mycena, and Stereum, and conks.

Some fun finds: Hairy Pea Truffle (Endogone pisiformis — see microscope picture of the huge zygospores), Stereum ochraceoflavum and S. sanguinolentum, oodles of the beautiful Map Fungus, Coccomyces dentatus, on Oregon Grape leaves, and the Orange Disco, Aleurodiscus amorphus. We also found a beautiful slime mould, which Tyson Ehlers (our next SVIMS speaker) has identified as Insect-egg Slime, Leocarpus fragilis.

Photos courtesy of Steven Strybosch.

Foray participants make their way slooowwwwllly through the Royal Roads forest.

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