Presentation/Meeting with Paul Kroeger

February 3, 2022 via Zoom

SVIMS Annual General Meeting will start at 6:45 pm, followed by the speaker of the month, Paul Kroeger. 

He will speak about the early years of Vancouver Mycological Society and the VMS Manning Fungi Survey. Judging by his previous talks he can also be counted on for  some entertaining asides. See poster below.

The AGM resolution, notice, agenda, minutes, and President’s report have already been sent out to members by e-mail and a Zoom link will be sent to them before the meeting.

Presentation/Meeting with Gordon Walker

January 13, 2022 at 6:45 pm via Zoom

Dr. Gordon Walker will cook for us. He knows about how yeasts and other organisms fit into the world of wine-making. He loves mushrooms. Have a look at the poster below for details.

There are links on the poster that are not clickable – those are listed below the poster in clickable form.