SVIMS Spring Foray May 2024 Royal Roads

SVIMS members made one final spring outing, this time to Royal Roads. About 20 people, under the leadership of Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther, searched diligently for mushrooms for almost 90 minutes, but not many mushrooms revealed themselves. A recent spate of dry weather had ended the spring mushroom season early.

About a dozen species were recorded (iNaturalist records are here).  The mushroom in greatest abundance was the Panther Amanita, Amanita pantheroides. About 15 caps of it showed up. Some were small and old and had only a slight resemblance to the mushroom seen in field guide pictures. 

A big thanks to all the event organizers. Photos by Steven Strybosch.

An early coralroot, Corallorhiza mertensiana, had popped up. Andy uses it to explain mycoheterotrophy.
Amanita pantherinoides, with remnants of the universal veil still on the cap.
End-of-foray wrapup.

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