Government House Spring Foray 2023

SVIMS members spent the morning of April 29, 2023, at the grounds of Government House. The  18 hectares of the provincial property include extensive natural woodlands (mossy balds, Garry oak meadows) on the south side. 

Forayers were mostly on the lookout for fungi, but it was also the week of the iNaturalist 2023 City Nature Challenge Canada, so foray participants were snapping pictures of lots of other groups of organisms. To see the range of species groups, have a look at SVIMS member Elora Adamson’s iNaturalist observations for the morning.

The foray group was composed of both Government House personnel/volunteers and SVIMS members. SVIMS offers a big THANK YOU to Susan, Janet, Elsbeth, Valerie, Dave, Bryce, Rosemary and all the others who made the event possible. At the end of the foray participants were welcomed at the Government House cottage for refreshments and sharing of finds.

The fungal species for the day can be viewed on iNaturalist. In all, forayers found about 15 different species of fungi (as always, the iNaturalist count may change as other people weigh in on the observations). Not too many large mushrooms were identified–several days of sun had dried out what little had managed to come up.  Still, one group managed to find the beautiful Bolbitus titubans (Sunny Side Up). One log on the property contained abundant corpses of last year’s Laetiporus gilbertsonii, the Hardwood Chicken of the Woods. (Several members made note of the place–perhaps planning to come back in August to see what the 2023 season might produce?) One dry morel turned up in the collection. Foray leaders identified some rusts often overlooked at other SVIMS events.

Photos courtesy of Steven Strybosch. Richard Winder also has some great photos on Facebook.

David Walde and Kem Luther look up references, Ann McCall looks on.
The specimens were laid out on a table at the end of the foray. Andy and Denise help to ID them.
What's a foray without a Ceska! Adolf lends his extensive expertise to the day.
Bob Bromley searches the Garry Oak meadows of Government House for elusive fungi.
At the end of the day, Alan Szafer, Richard Winder, Kevin Trim, and Ken Wong swap stories. Some of them may actually have been true.
Allen finds a good use for old egg cartons.

SVIMS spring foray at Royal Roads 2023

The group gathers at the start of the foray.

About 25 SVIMS members gathered at the back entrance to Royal Roads on Sunday, April 2, 2023, to see what mushrooms the spring weather had brought.

Club members found about 23 species. The list, with pictures, can be found on iNaturalist. (Usual warning–the names on the list may change as experts from around the world add their opinions).

Of special interest were two mycorrhizal mushrooms–an Inocybe and a Cortinarius. A Melanoleuca was vouchered for further study.

Thanks to Elora Adamson for helping with the recording. And Steven Strybosch for the group pictures on this page.

Half-way through, a pause to look at some mushroom finds
Andy talks about trees and mushrooms
From young to old
Andy and Adolf scan for small mushrooms

Symbiosis show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

A new show opened on Saturday at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It is titled “Symbiosis,” and it features several types of mushroom-related art.

Of special interest to SVIMS members:

(1) An interactive, full-wall simulation of a BC forest with its associated mycorrhizal network. This was put together by Colton Hash. A must-see (short video with this post).

(2) About a hundred ceramic, life-sized models of East Coast mushrooms. Incredibly accurate.