May/June NAMA Mycophile available

SVIMS is a member of The North American Mycological Association (NAMA), the collective that unites the mycological societies on this continent.  Six times a year NAMA publishes its newsletter, the Mycophile, and makes it available to members of all supporting clubs.  The May/June 2021 issue was recently released.  To read it, click or tap on the picture of the cover. 

2022 Mushroom Calendar Submissions

Calling all SVIMS members to submit your art/photos for the

2022 Mushroom Calendar




Please submit photos/art before July 30th to Krisztina at


Maximum 10 pictures per member. Please keep it to one picture per email and as high a resolution as possible. The minimum resolution will be 2MP or 1920×1080.

Pictures must be in landscape!

In the subject line add your name and type of mushroom in your photo/art.

If you don’t know the type of mushroom you are submitting now might be the time to learn how to identify it. If you need help just ask one or more of your favorite SVIMS members.



  • Try to provide identification information for each mushroom such as when your saw the mushroom, where you found it, habitat (e.g. on or near what kind of trees), spore colour.
  • If this picture happens to come with a great story, please also include this in your submission.



Visually appealing art/photographs that illustrate:

  • the diversity of mushrooms found on southern Vancouver Island
  • mushroom cookery, art or crafts
  • interaction of mushrooms with people, animals, other organisms or the environment
  • SVIMS events or activities


The purpose of the calendar is to celebrate the joy of mushrooming and

to inform people about mushrooms growing on southern Vancouver Island.