SVIMS Metchosin Wilderness Park Foray March 2023

Wrapping up at the end of the walk.

Pictures in this post courtesy of Steve Strybosch.

The SVIMS foray for March took the club back to Metchosin Wilderness Park, which we last visited in (a much sunnier) April of 2022.

Even though the visit to the park was earlier and colder this year, SVIMSers found about as many mushroom species as last year. At the time of writing, we have 27 species for the day. (This may change, of course, as iNaturalist identifiers chime in on the IDs.) You can view the day’s discoveries on iNaturalist.

Special finds include a fragrant collybia, Rhodocollybia oregonensis, with its wonderful almond smell and long rooting base, coral  spot, Nectria cinnabarina, looking like small red mulberries on the bark of a dead limb, jelly leaf, Phaeotremella, and bear lentinus, Lentinellus ursinus, hiding in the woodpecker holes of a large snag.

Two club members admire the persistence of an overwinted Dyer's Conk
Looking for mushrooms at the base of an old but productive snag.

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