SVIMS Log Inoculation Workshop 2024

Approximately 25 SVIMS members gathered in morning and afternoon classes held at Steve Fischer’s home in the Blenkinsop Valley. Their goal was to learn how to create mushroom-bearing logs.

In the days leading up to the workshop, Steve got ready for the class by gathering and cleaning fresh-cut alder, preparing all the equipment, and ordering fresh oyster and shiitake spawn. Steve and his assistants–Andrew Anderson, Bob Jeffs, and Steve Strybosch–drilled the logs and helped participants inoculate them. Steve introduced the group to a new log-sealing technique using bentonite clay.

The weather was quite rainy in the morning, but Steve was prepared for it. He had set up tarps to keep class members relatively dry and comfortable. The rain subsided in the afternoon, but the wind picked up and temperatures dropped. In spite of the weather, everyone left the workshop happy and satisfied, carrying their own logs freshly inoculated with oyster or shiitake spawn.

Steve shows the group his mushroom log collection.
The morning class was thankful for the tarps that Steven had set up.
Leya happily sealing up her inoculated log.
Steve teaches the people the next procedure, the bentonite clay application
Sawdust spawn used to inject into the alder logs.

Royal Roads foray with Paul Kroeger Spring 2024

Pithya vulgaris, a tiny, tiny (1 mm) cup on the decaying needle of a true cedar (Cedrus). 

Paul Kroeger returned on February 6, 2024, for his annual SVIMS presentation. (See the post about his 2023 visit). This year he spoke about urban mushrooms.

The next day, February 7, Paul (helped by Andy and Kem) led a SVIMS foray at Royal Roads. Mushrooms had become rare finds since the last freeze, but after a couple of hours, and with the help of over 20 dedicated pairs of eyes, almost as many species of mushrooms turned up as last year–about 30. The finds have been posted on iNaturalist

The photos in this post are courtesy of Steve Strybosch, foray show runner.

Paul tells about his adventures with Auriscalpium vulgare.
Brave Josh shows the risks some people will take to find mushrooms in February!
Andy "No Off Switch" MacKinnon expostulates on the day's finds..
At the end of the foray, a few SVIMS people checked out a Royal Roads wood chip pile.