SVIMS spring foray at Royal Roads 2023

The group gathers at the start of the foray.

About 25 SVIMS members gathered at the back entrance to Royal Roads on Sunday, April 2, 2023, to see what mushrooms the spring weather had brought.

Club members found about 23 species. The list, with pictures, can be found on iNaturalist. (Usual warning–the names on the list may change as experts from around the world add their opinions).

Of special interest were two mycorrhizal mushrooms–an Inocybe and a Cortinarius. A Melanoleuca was vouchered for further study.

Thanks to Elora Adamson for helping with the recording. And Steven Strybosch for the group pictures on this page.

Half-way through, a pause to look at some mushroom finds
Andy talks about trees and mushrooms
From young to old
Andy and Adolf scan for small mushrooms

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