SVIMS Mushroom Show 2019

The SVIMS mushroom show took place on Sunday, November 3, at the Cordova Bay 55 Plus Centre. Another rolicking good time for visitors and SVIMS members. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Over 600 visitors came by during the 6 hours of the show. You can see a short video report on CHEK news at this location (starts at 5:54). CHEK also has a written report with pictures.


Ringmaster Andrew directs the three ring extravaganza
Hundreds of mushrooms laid out, labeled, and awaiting hundreds of visitors
Calendar woman Mary Jane and Secretary Gillian woman offer guests two bargains: SVIMS membership and the SVIMS calendar
David shows a showstopper: Sandie's King Bolete
Oluna and her friendly smile work the table where guests bring in their mushrooms for identification.
A table of crafts for the younger guests
Vice president Mel and President of Vice Sinclair field questions about edible and toxic mushrooms
President Andy responds to questions from one of the hundreds of guests
Duane Sept sells and signs his books, including the popular Common Mushrooms of the Northwest
Among the vendors and display, a wonderful sampling of mushroom-dyed fibres
John and Renata explain about non-gilled mushrooms
Richard answers deep and complex mycological queries, such as "Can I eat it?"
Four crowded talks at the show; people are lined up 5 deep outside the hall to hear Andy's talk on the Death Cap mushroom
A visitor shows off the best mushroom t-shirt of the day

Some of the mushrooms on display.

The main display room: a noisy, crowded, joyful, educational place.

Cowichan Lake Foray 2019

The SVIMS Cowichan Lake 2019 Foray was a wild celebration of fungi and friends. Forty people signed up for the whole weekend, many others joined the group on Saturday for the forays.

We stayed, as in previous years, at the Cowichan Research Station and Conference Centre.

Five different forays in the Cowichan Lake area yielded a bounty of mushrooms for the display table.

Morning mist over the lake:

A gallery of some of the more interesting and beautiful mushooms on the table. Click to scroll or enlarge.

In the evenings, participants gathered for a singfest.  Instuments seem to appear out of nowhere. A fiddle, a mandolin, guitars, a harmonica.

SVIMS secretary Gillian Phillips wrote a song for the group called “Weekend Away Again in Amanitaville.” We sang it to the tune of “Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville.”  Click on the lyrics above to see a larger image.

The gang enjoyed wonderful meals cooked by the kitchen staff.

Ringing the dinner bell

Finally, some candid pics from the event, courtesy of Kurt and Lise (click to enlarge).

Update on SVIMS 2019 Mushroom Identification Workshop.

We now have details of the time and place of the ID course to be held at UVic. It will take place in Hickman 116 from 8:30-5:20 each day.  The closest parking is the Stadium parking lot (Lot 4), which is a bit of a walk. If you have a lot to carry, you could probably drop stuff off in the disabled parking spot to the north of Sedgewick Building.  See the UVic map

SVIMS Secretary David Walde has responded to all the confirmed registrants (30 of them) and to those who are on the wait list (25 of them) individually. He has also contacted all the mentors (9 of them) who will be assisting Shannon. 

See the earlier post on this site for the schedule, homework, and what to bring. Any specimens (edibles or otherwise) that you can bring to the sessions would be much appreciated.

As cancellations happen, people on the wait list will be contacted, right up to the day before the classes on the 28th –29th September. If you are confirmed, and do have to cancel, please contact David Walde at as soon as possible. 


Lichen Talk and Walk

On Thursday, September 10, 2019, SVIMS own Juliet Pendray did a fascinating talk on lichens, the partnered fungi.

She brought along samples of several different lichens so that the audience could analyze them.

On Saturday, Juliet led a lichen-and-everything walk in Metchosin’s Devonian CRD Park. 

Pippi Lawn participates in the sport of Lichen Licking.  The Lichen liked it. Pippi not so much.