October mushroom events

The dry autumn season continues in the Greater Victoria area. But the mushrooms are coming. In our area, it is not unusual for the fall mushrooms to wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday to put in an appearance.

There are a large lineup of mushroom events over the next five weeks. SVIMS has its Cowichan Foray coming up on Oct 21-23. Some of you may be interested to know that the day that our Cowichan Foray (sold out) ends, on Sunday, October 23, is the annual Mid-Island Mushroom Festival in Coombs. Some SVIMS members might wish to extend the weekend there.

Just a reminder–the best list of mushroom events for southwestern BC is the Forum at the UBC Botanical Garden. Andy MacKinnon and I keep a smaller list of events that he and/or I are involved in on the Mushrooms of BC book web site.


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