To join the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society or to renew your membership for a year, see the below  payment options. Membership fees are $25 per calendar year.


Online payments are always preferred. However, here are optional methods to submit your fees and complete the required waivers*:



Cash payments are only accepted during our in person monthly meetings. Receipt will be issued on the spot or an email sent to confirm payment. Please do NOT mail cash. You will also be asked to sign a paper copy of the required waivers**.


Personal cheques and bank drafts may be presented at in person events or mailed. Make payable to “South Vancouver Island Mycological Society.” Note on cheque/bank draft the purpose of payment. $25 penalty applied to NSF cheques.
To use mail, e
mail our membership coordinator  with your first name, last name, and phone number. They will email you back with the mailing address and copies of the required waivers. The above information enables the Coodinator to enter your required information into our database. You must sign and return a copy of the required waivers**.


1) Email our membership coordinator  with your first name, last name, and phone number. State that you are purchasing a Membership via e-Transfer. This enables the Coodinator to enter your required information into our database and alerts them to watch for the required payment coming through. You must also email a signed copy of the required waivers**.

2) Send the e-transfer to and use a security question whose answer is “svims.” Identify in the message area the purpose of payment. Please do not send e-transfers to our Membership Coordinator.

3) Make sure you return signed copies of the required waivers** to


Waiver 1: SVIMS General Waiver

Waiver 2: SVIMS Foray Waiver

Waiver 3: SVIMS Privacy Policy


*Please allow time to process the Membership Application.